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Poster: garthus Date: Jul 30, 2009 7:36pm
Forum: texts Subject: Share button broken for linux

None of the browsers (5 of them) work with the share button and the other upload button just goes blank after it is clicked. Can the old button code be put back; I cannot do any uploads from my apartment.


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Jul 30, 2009 9:10pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Share button broken for linux


Just a suggestion for the time being, try reverting to a earlier version of your browser, if you can, uninstall the last updates, look at things like Java the code for which would be on your computer, and which might run that SHARE button, not all things on the WWW are independent of your own computer.

Maybe look at your OS and its updates.

One remote lateral thinking idea, might be to link a new email address to the IA and your user ID.

On the same lines, provided you have a note of your ID and password, maybe deleting any and all cookies relating to the IA.

Seeing this week I have been getting one update after another, and today the 3rd from Microsoft (I would expected just one) I wonder if you might be behind on your updates.

And I had a glitch with HTML coded software the last few days, maybe something major changed on the WWW, nothing to do with the IA, but open source OS and apps writers are slow to catch up with updates

If you tried 5 different browsers on your one computer, then I suspect its your OS and thinks like Java script.

Whatever, my uploads are backing up, I liked the old way, tomorrow I am going to dig deep into my system and see what is happening.

Gerry, it seems nobody else is having trouble with the IA??????????? and it seems others are still uploading?

I last tried 10-hours ago, I am trying again now, I will come back if I find I get in, otherwise I will be back tomorrow.

I am really sorry I can not do more, but maybe you want to post just what OS Apps on computer AGE you are using, I might already have the answer in my head.

I might just have an answer this second, tell use what computer is, while I think about it, and drag up a link for you.


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Poster: garthus Date: Jul 31, 2009 7:41am
Forum: texts Subject: Re: Share button broken for linux


Actually a lot of people are having trouble, the video forum has numerous posts on this; I actually figured out the problem. Fixing it will be another thing. see my post on Complexity and Stupidity.